Foot Reflexology  

Reflexology is a safe, natural way to relax, re-balance and restore your body through working on reflexes on the feet that correspond to different parts of the body.
Foot Reflexology is suitable for all ages.
Foot Reflexology may help:
  • reduce stress and induce deep relaxation

  • improve circulation

  • clean the body of toxins and impurities

  • balance the whole system and promote homeostasis within the body

  • revitalize energy

Bergman Method Facial Reflexology™  

Your face provides a beautiful and precise tool to read what is going on within the body's internal organs, central nervous system and neuro-biological system.  

Facial reflexology is built on a combination of Native American techniques and Asian body maps that chart the reflex points on the face. The face's proximity to the brain is key to the effectiveness of manipulating facial reflex points which directly connect to the body's neuro-pathways. Facial reflexology can be a wonderful therapy to help identify reflexes out of balance and to help you improve your health and well-being.


As an added benefit to the treatment session, your face will feel and look smoother and more toned as I increase the circulation and help to release muscle tension. Some of my clients call it their 'mini facelift' by helping to strengthen layers of skin tissue and improve skin tone. Additionally, over a series of sessions you may see a reduction in lines and wrinkles, helping you to feel good and look good! This is in addition to stimulating your body's healing mechanisms and encouraging your body to eliminate toxins.  

I use Neal's Yard Rehydrating Rose Facial Oil, you won't be disappointed with this organic product!

A treatment worth trying which I highly recommend in combination with foot reflexology.

Maternity Reflexology

Conception to pregnancy and beyond

Reflexology is a wonderful therapy during maternity which helps towards healthy pregnancy.  It is a safe and gentle therapy and scientific research has shown that women who received regular reflexology treatments during their pregnancy experienced shorter labour times and used less analgesia.

Mindful Reflexology

We need to acknowledge that the way we live has a profound impact on our well-being. It is estimated that 1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year. 

Mixed anxiety and depression is the most common mental disorder in Britain. 

Reflexology will help you to relax and restore your body.  For those affected by stress, anxiety and depression combining foot and facial reflexology will induce a state of deep relaxation. 

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is one of the ancient treatment methods in which a vacuumed cup is placed onto an affected area for treatment purposes.  This treatment is predominantly used to disperse stagnation, detox the body and expel pathogenic factors from the surface layers of the body to promote the circulation of the blood and Qi.  
The mechanism is that the suction makes opposite pressure on the surface of the skin and increases blood flow to the inside cup areas and stimulates muscle tissues.  The suction works to relax the stiff muscle and soft tissue and promotes general well-being.  People feel relaxed and warm with a tingling sensation during the cupping treatment.
In my practice, I use Foot cupping Therapy to mainly help with releasing muscular aches and pains on the foot and calf and help towards fertility.  
I only practice air cupping and silicone cupping, I do not use fire and heat (despite being fully proficient). 
Cupping Therapy is considered relatively safe.  When performed on the back, it may cause some swelling and discoloration which is normal after the cupping; a small round circle left after cupping treatment is not bruising caused by cupping; but because the suction has drawn up the blood vessels on to the surface of the skin as they are expanded.   These marks or discoloration occur when the process has drawn pathologic factors to the skin's surface.  For there, these marks rapidly fade away generally few days later.  Facial Cupping should not cause any bruising on the face.

Moxibustion Therapy

Moxibustion is an externally applied TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment using Chinese herb called Moxa (Artemisia argyi), commonly known as 'Mugwort'.  It is a form of heat therapy in which dried plant materials called 'moxa' are burnt 2 to 3 centimetres away from the surface of the skin.  The intention is to warm and invigorate the flow of Qi in the body.
This therapy is often combined with Reflexology to help with health issues caused by colds, issues due to cold or aggravated by cold weather such as chronic pain and arthritis -  clients who always feel cold and women who are trying to conceive for example. This therapy will be only given to the hands, wrists, elbows, knees, lower legs and feet due to the settings of my practice. 

Hot Stone Reflexology

Hot Stones in conjunction with reflexology is an extremely relaxing and deeply rejuvenating treatment. Hot stones are igneous stones formed by volcanic lava. The stones are used to work over the reflex areas on the feet and are placed on specific areas for a period of time during the treatment. The warmth of the stones takes relaxation to a deeper level and will leave you feeling completely relaxed and re-balanced.

Hot Stone massage originated in India and China and has been around for centuries; ancient civilizations believed that hot stones cleansed the body and relaxed the heart, grounding the soul and soothing the mind.  This treatment is extremely relaxing.

My cancellation Policy
Please give 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel your appointment.  This allows another client to be offered your appointment slot.
Missed or late cancellations may incur a £25 charge. 
This policy also applies to gift voucher bookings and packages bookings. 
Thank you for being a valued client and for your co-operation and understanding.
Ped à Terre Reflexology, Cécile Rainsford professional certified reflexologist
Jason J Rainsford Exemplary Photos
Ped à Terre Reflexology, Cécile Rainsford professional certified reflexologist
Jason J Rainsford Exemplary Photos
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