Waiting for your baby? 

You're overdue and an induction date is looming, this was not part of your birth plan! You might feel like giving your baby a gentle prod! But how?

Here a list of gentle ways to help you inducing labour naturally at home! 

  1. Exercise. walk, get o...

July 3, 2018

In 1988, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  This was successful but I was left with secondary lymphoedema in my left arm, a swelling in my arm following breast cancer treatments.

Over the years, I have received various ma...

Check out my interview with the lovely Adele Annett, professional baby photographer based in Epsom! 

April 17, 2017

A great blog credit to Nicky Read @ The Camomile Rooms. 

A must read!

How do you choose your complementary Therapist?

Recently, I received a phone call of a prospective client who asked me about my reflexology qualifications.  Sadly, it is very rare being asked by my clie...

Giving birth to our daughter Gemma was the most wonderful experience of my entire life and much greater than I could have possibly imagined!

You can read many books or magazines on giving birth; you can listen to your friends, to other mums or obtain advice from other s...

When you tell me "my back hurts", I feel for you! 

Yep mate, I understand how you feel, I have been there, got many stickers and can still collect them!

When I was 7, doctors did pick up on a slight curve on my spine which was ignored until I was 11 after a school m...

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