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The Five Things You really Need to Ask all Complementary Therapists

A great blog credit to Nicky Read @ The Camomile Rooms.

A must read!

How do you choose your complementary Therapist?

Recently, I received a phone call of a prospective client who asked me about my reflexology qualifications. Sadly, it is very rare being asked by my clients about my qualifications and I felt very pleased to share all my qualifications and training though some of them where of no interest of my prospective client but still I felt it was important to let her know that I am not just a facial and foot reflexologist, I do Zone Face Lift, Indian Head Massage, Moxibustion Therapy, Cupping Therapy, Mindful Reflexology, Reiki level I and II, Baby Reflex, I have a coaching training background...

I often read recommendations on Facebook about a great therapist who has been given a wonderful treatment and 'added few reflexology points to help me to go into labour'...

mmm did you check if this therapist is qualified as a reflexologist?

You would not go and see a doctor to have your teeth cleaned out, would you?

For further details on how Facial Reflexology and Foot Reflexology can help you please contact Cécile at Ped à Terre Reflexology

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